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Two thumbs up for the Stockholm Bamboo stool! I love how sleek this looks and that I can just fold it and put it up when guests come over.

Katharine H

The Darn Thing Works Instantly Folks, My son, Todd, sent me a squatty potty for my 66th birthday. I thought to myself, what kind of a birthday gift is this contraption? Living 65 years "on my own", I thought I was "going" just fine. How mistaken I was! I don't think I can live another day WITHOUT it. It's absolutely amazing - the darn thing works instantly. Thank you for making my life SO much more pleasant! Three cheers for the Squatty Potty!

Susan F.

On Bamboo Flip. Amazing product! After only a couple of days already feeling better. Once you position product to your comfort the rest is easy. No time consuming bathroom visits. Highly recommend!

Gina B

After Years of Issues... NO MORE PROBLEMS! Dear Squatty potty staff, my husband has had severe issues with haemorrhoids and irritation for years, many doctor visits and steroid suppositories daily. I came upon the squatty potty on the internet while doing some research. I am an RN. I bought the squatty potty and talked two other co-workers into going in with me to buy bulk for cheaper! Since my husband has been using the squatty potty he no longer has any irritation or problems with haemorrhoids. My co-workers lover their squatty pottys as well and state it makes it much easier to go to the bathroom!!! Thank you.

Valerie L.

Flipped for the Bamboo Flip! An excellent quality product! Well made and super functional. It works with all my toilets that are different heights.

Barbara B.

Squatty Potty Solves My Anatomical Issue! Dear Squatty Potty, The Squatty Potty is saving me! I have a Rectocele (thinning of the recto-vaginal wall and creation of a pocket) which is an injury many women get during childbirth (mine was an unfortunately fast and furious hospital birth on pitocin.) After thousands of dollars of physical therapy, a proctologist and gynecologist both wanting to do surgery that would have laid me up for weeks, I received my Squatty Potty and it immediately got me into a position which solves my anatomical issue! I have cut down tremendously on my bathroom time and improved my general intestinal health as well! Thank you!

Moorea H., Seattle WA.