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Base 2.0 Mega Value Pack (#SQP-BASE-PACK)
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Optimal elimination, scent of a unicorn and pipes so clean you could almost ... well lets not go that far. Anyway we think it's the perfect choice to accommodate your squatting needs.

Base 2.0 Stool with topper

Our most popular stool that works perfectly for families of any size and is incredibly durable and easy to clean. If you appreciate the simple things in life, then this is your toilet stool. Transform your toilet into an elimination station. The topper accessory (included) lets you set whatever height you want. 7" or 9".


  • Transform your toilets into 'elimination stations'.
  • Our most economical multi sized stool option.
  • Minimalist design, great for apartments or smaller spaces.
  • The topper (included) raises your stool from 7" to 9".
  • Made from recycled material.
  • Increase emptiness by 85%.
  • Water and Mold Resistant.
  • Works perfectly for families, everyone gets to enjoy the benefits.
  • Incredibly durable and easy to clean.

Foam Bum Wipe Spray

How clean does your bum need to be? Apparently very clean. After every motion there's always a little residue left over. Apply a little of our foam to a few folds of toilet paper, wipe, flush and feel refreshed! We made it with soothing aloe and witch-hazel so it softens skin and reduces discomfort.


Unicorn Gold is for before you sit on the toilet. Created by unicorns. Let rip a few sprays into the toilet bowl before 'the event' and forget that bathroom stench forever. It stays trapped deep below the surface of the toilet water, never to surface again.


  • Great way to try all three products at a greatly reduce price.
  • Contains 1 x Base 2.0 stool and topper, 1 x Foam Bum Wipe Soap Spray and 1 x Unicorn Gold Toilet Spray.
  • Choose from five refreshing scents.
  • Tropical Dropsicle– Coconut & Magnolia. Mystic Forest– Bergamot & Bay Leaf. Pinch of Vanilla– Vanilla & Tonka Bean. Citrus Squeeze– Orange & Lemon. Fruity Booty™– Cherry & Mixed Berry.
  • Let us know which one you prefer in the comments section of your order, otherwise leave it up to us to surprise you. Really, they're all good.


  • Your body relies on a bend in the colon (where your poop lives) and the anus (where your poop says hi) to keep everything stored until showtime.
  • The posture of the western toilet causes a kink in this tunnel, which leads to major blockage.
  • Squatty Potty undoes this kink so you can do business the way you were meant to.


  • Increase emptiness by 85%
  • Decrease time spent by 71%


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  • Stool Base with topper.
  • Material: Durable plastic.
  • Dimension : 45 x 19.5 x 29.5 cm.
  • Product weight: 800 gms.
  • Weight Limit: 115 kg

How to choose between 7" and 9" height?

  • Some stool are available in 2 heights. 7" (178mm) or 9" (229mm).
  • When this option exists the first thing to do is measure the height of your toilet from the floor to the seat.
  • Between 14 and 16 inches (355-406mm) you should choose a 7" (178mm) stool.
  • Over 16" inches (356mm) you should choose a 9" (229mm) stool.
  • Some people may desire to have their knees placed higher and so could therefore choose the taller stool, even if the range specifies the smaller one. This is a personal decision based on your choice.
  • It could be said that the taller stool suits more experienced squatters.

How to use your Squatty Potty.

  • Please view the short video below for how to use your new Squatty Potty.
  • The model shown in the video is different to the one you purchased, however the instructions are the same.

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